Friday, November 30, 2007

What is the 2008 Day of Service Mural Project?

This project is being coordinated through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and is open to various groups in the community that surround these sites. The goal is to make a series of murals for the walls between Lilly and Manual High School along Madison Avenue and in selected spots along the Monon Trail. All of the mural designs will be applied to the various areas with volunteer support from Lilly employees and Manual High School. This will be accomplished by taking the submitted design and applying it as a template to the site. Then, volunteers will simply "paint by number" to make the design appear. Therefore, your submissions should be simple enough for anyone to do. Please note the example below. Also, there will be no compensation for your designs as the goal is to use the project money to benefit the community as much as possible.

The theme for this year's project is Healthy Living, Healthy Learning, and Healthy Locales working together to make Healthy Communities. Participants will be able to make a mural and submit it by Monday, January 14 2008.

Once all submissions have been received, a group of artist will select those pieces that fit both the theme and location best. Please not that due to the large scale of some of these locations your submitted work may be altered or combined to create individual scenes or one long continuous scene. Therefore, artists are encouraged to design murals that take up more than one section as shown below.

The actual day of service will be on Thursday, May 15, 2008. All artists that have been accepted will be invited to participate as a volunteer to help make their piece of art a reality. This project is for the benefit of the community and therefore no compensation will be awarded.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Adler at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful 264-7555 x105 or at While electronic submissions are best, information can also be mailed to 445 N. Pennsylvania, Suite 910, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.

To download templates or mural details, right click on the picture you want, save to desktop, and then print full size.

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